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Projects Funded

Since 2008 BSFA have raised over £50,000.  Janene our Chair holds regular meetings with Mrs Town to discuss items that the school would like BSFA to fund.  The suggestions are then discussed at BSFA Committee meetings.


Sometimes suggestions will be as a result of the children themselves asking for something, recently it was highlighted through the children's survey that the children wanted renewed art supplies.  At other times it will be for resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment, such as I.T where the BSFA are funding 6 curriculum specific Probots and 10 new laptops.  BSFA funds are spent on the ‘extras’ that are not provided by the school’s budget, thus making our children’s learning experiences so much more fulfilling and exciting.


Here is a list of items donated to the school during the past few years – we think you will be impressed. 

Trim trail (outdoor climbing, exercise and fitness equipment)

Covered shelter


Quiet garden equipment and plants

Sports equipment

Electronic white board
Digital cameras for every class

Covered bike rack

Additional school trips

Art materials

DARE packs and stationery

Christmas parties and gifts

Story sacks

Reading scheme books for all classes

Bookcase for new books

Complete renovation of the school grounds - for more information please see our 'School Grounds Project' page.