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Support BSFA



You can donate time, items for sale, raffle prizes or offer your services and skills. Anybody with a link to Bleasby School can get involved with BSFA.  You do not have to be a committee member to attend meetings or contribute ideas. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, as much or as little as suits you. Just come along to a meeting, speak to a committee member, or contact us by e-mail shepheard244@icloud.com


We are compiling a list of people who are happy to volunteer in some way. Perhaps you are good at making cakes and want to join the ‘baking team’ who produce cakes for events, or you just want to help run a stall for an hour at an event? Maybe you are interested in helping with a specific project for example a ball, a children’s event or even separately organising your own fund raising activity as the ‘Bleasby Bikers’ do?  The Bleasby Bikers are a group of some 40 dads who organise cycling challenges to raise money for Bleasby Primary School, amongst other charities. If you are interested in joining the Bleasby Bikers group go to www.bleasbybikers.co.uk


Every little helps, so just one hour assisting at an event would be invaluable. Alternatively if you have a particular skill that might be of help to the school we would like to know. 

2. EasyFundraising


Every time you shop on-line you can raise money for BSFA, at no extra cost to you. Simply register at http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/bleasbyschoolfa


Please contact the committee for further information. 


Please support our fundraisers whenever you can.  We could not raise any money without the generous support of the school and local community.


3.Christmas Cards etc.


Remember to buy your Christmas cards from us!  Every year we ask the children to design a Christmas card, which we then have professionally printed in packs. The scheme also allows you to have additional designs, for example to use as thank you cards, and have them printed.


We have also previously produced our first Bleasby school cookbook. The cookbook looked fantastic and was jam packed with the childrens' delicious family recipes. Demand was so high for our cookbooks we had to place a second order.


 4. Donations

Some parents have asked us if they can simply set up a regular contribution to BSFA.  This can be easily done via our on-line giving facility, already set up with BT’s ‘mydonate’.  This is a really good service, as they don’t charge the charity anything for using it (unlike most). The website is very user friendly and, as we have given them authorisation to collect giftaid on our behalf (if you are a UK tax payer), they do it all automatically and the donation plus giftaid just gets paid straight into BSFAs bank account. To set it up, all you need to do is follow the link below and the instructions should be self-explanatory. 


https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/bleasbyschoolfriends association


If you wish to donate, then please read the information at the bottom of this page, which explains some of the tax benefits that you may be entitled to claim in order to donate in the most tax effective way.         


 5. Company matched giving

Company matched giving is a very simple and is a great way to increase a donation at no additional cost to you.  Companies or businesses pledge to donate to a charity such as ourselves an amount of money relating to the amount that an employee(s) donates or fundraises for us. 


There are several benefits to both ourselves and the company involved:


  • employees’ morale is boosted by having their efforts supported by their employer
  • the company benefits from having charitable donations written off against taxable profits
  • the company can endeavour to get publicity for their giving
  • BSFA can benefit from receiving perhaps double what we have raised at an event


If you think that your employer has a matched giving scheme already in operation, or if you would like some more information about charity matched giving or setting up a scheme in your workplace, please talk to our treasurer.  


Examples of some companies who offer Company Matched Giving are :-


Anglian Water, AstraZeneca, Barclays Bank, BP, British Gas, BT, Cable & Wireless, DHL, Ericsson Telecom, Ernst & Young, Experian, GlaxoSmithKline, Halifax plc, IBM, KPMG, Marks & Spencer, National Westminster Bank, Network Rail, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal and Sun Alliance, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tesco, Texaco, Vodaphone etc.


If you work for a substantial sized company it may be worth asking if they run, or would be prepared to run, a matched giving scheme.


Tax Benefits for donations made to BSFA


Tax Relief


Reduces the cost of your donation to you


Increases the value of your donation to BSFA


Gift Aid


A £1 donation is worth £1.25 to BSFA


Anyone who has paid enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount reclaimed by BSFA in the current financial year can use Gift Aid.


Donations by Higher Rate Tax Payers / Sole Traders / Self Employed / Partnerships


£1 donation by a 40% tax payer = £0.75 cost to you

       = £1.25 donated to BSFA


£1 donation by a 50% tax payer = £0.625 cost to you

       = £1.25 donated to BSFA


If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of tax (20%) on the total 'gross' value of your donation to the charity.  This is simply done through your self-assessment form or by contacting your local tax office.


For example, if you donate £1, the total value of your donation to the charity is £1.25 - so you can claim back:

£0.25 - if you pay tax at 40%        (£1.25 × 20%)

£0.375 - if you pay tax at 50%     (£1.25 × 20%) plus (£1.25 × 10%)


Donations through Payroll


  • A £1 donation by a basic rate tax payer = 80p cost to you
  • A £1 donation by a 40% tax payer = 60p cost to you
  • A £1 donation by a 50% tax payer = 50p cost to you


If your company/employer operates a Payroll Giving Scheme, you can give money to BSFA directly from your pay or company/personal pension using the Payroll Giving scheme.  The donation is given to BSFA from your gross salary before any tax is deducted:


  • Tax relief is given at source.  Therefore you don’t need to worry about claiming tax back through your self-assessment form.
  • Your donation is given to charity from your gross salary before any tax is deducted - so you don't pay tax on it.


If you would like information on setting up Payroll Giving in your work place, please go to the HMRC web-site and search for Payroll Giving.