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BSFA Purchases - 2021

Books for the whole School - September 2021


Message from Mrs Smith;

A huge thank you to the BSFA from all the pupils and staff for our wonderful new books! They are written in a way that really engages dyslexic pupils but we know they will be enjoyed by many children over the coming years! A generous donation that will engage all levels of readers in school. Mrs Smith.

New Hosepipe for Apple Class Outdoor Play Area - September 2021;

Message from Mrs Blacknall;

Thank you so much BSFA for kindly buying us a hosepipe for our outside area. We really love to play in the water and filling the trough is now much easier. Also, it will help to hose down our mud kitchen after we have been making mud pies!

Blinds for Apple Class and Cherry Class - September 2021

Message from Mrs Blacknall;

Another big thank you for our new classroom blinds. They make Apple Classroom look so smart and help us to see the screen better for all our learning. Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Spencer for fitting them for us. You are super stars!

Love from Apple Class.x

Year 6 Pizza at the Pub - July 2021

July 2021 - Yr6 Sailing

Year 6 Camp Out - July 2021

May 2021 - Bedding plants and compost for Apple's outdoor classroom

Thank you to Apple & Apple Blossom parents and carers for the kind donations of bedding plants and compost for the Apple outdoor classroom.

Message from Mrs Blacknall;

Thank you so much for our plants that are making our ourdoor area look beautiful!




May 2021 - Bean Bags for Cedar Class

Message from Mrs Price;

The bean bags are wonderful, already in use!

Many thanks


May 2021 - Pond Dipping Nets for Science Day on 9th July.

May 2021 - BSFA fund DARE 25 program for our Cedar Class children


DARE 25 is an education program for year 6 children, the program will equip our young people with a range of knowledge and skills which they can use as the transition to secondary and beyond.  




May 2021 - Play-Doh for Apple Class

Message from Mrs Blacknall;

We love our Play-Doh. This is great fun, but it also keeps our fingers strong which helps with our writing too. 

Thank you BSFA!





May 2021 - Games for Cedar Class for wet play days... with more to come!

Message from Mrs Price;

The wet play games are fab, the children are praying for rain these days!

Thank you 


May 2021 - Bird houses for Silver Birch Class

May 2021 - New interactive LED Board in Apple Class


Message from Apple Class;

Dear BSFA, 

Thank you so much for our new screen, we love it! We have played lots of maths games on it as well as using it for Collective Worship .

Thank you so much

Love from 

Apple Class

April 2021 - Delivered to school - KS2 Maths Manipulatives 

March 2021 - 4 Base 10 sets for Sycamore Class

March 2021 - Maths games for Sycamore Class

March 2021 - 18 Stop watches delivered to Cedar Class

March 2021 - New books in full use in Cherry Class

March 2021 - 175 New books delivered for Cherry Class

March 2021 - New CD Player for Apple Class

March 2021 - Maths beads delivered to school for Pear Class

March 2021 - 60 Glue Sticks and 36 White Board Markers kindly donated by Lian Britchford, Mummy of Grace in Pear Blossom Class

Thank you so much Lian, your kind donation is very much appreciated heart!

All donations go towards giving our children the best facilities possible, please get in touch with the BSFA if you can help in anyway.

February 2021 - Magformers in use in school

Message from Mrs Clark:

Pear Class LOVE the new Magformers magnetic building shapes sets! The children were all chatting away as they were building and creating, using lots of maths shape vocabulary like sides, edges, faces and 3D shape names too. It was just lovely to hear. Thank you so much!


February 2021 Maths games for Apple Class and Pear Class

February 2021 We're delighted to share that we've purchased a visualiser for each class

Message from Mrs Whitmee:

To you all at the BSFA, I've just recorded next week's art lesson for KS1 and the visulaiser played a HUGH part in my lesson. A big thank you for supporting us in the way that you do, it is much appreciated,

Kate Whitmee.

Headsets being used by Cedar Class (Year 6)


Message from Mrs Price;

Year 6 have used the headsets in school every day since we received them. They have been invaluable for our keyworkers to access the remote learning in class while I am teaching the home learners live and to block out my dulcet tones!

They will continue to be a vital resource when the children are back in school. Specifically, they will benefit some children in school who will be part of the Covid catch up teaching, enabling them to access KS2 maths tuition through external providers like the Third space learning 1:1 tuition programme.

Many thanks for your generous support Claire Price.

Headsets being used by Silver Birch Class (Year 3)


Message from Mrs Smith;

Silver Birch Class have been enjoying using the head sets for TEAMS work, meetings and Maths games,

Thank you Mrs Smith.

Headsets in full use in school

Message from Mrs Spencer: 

We used the headsets this week to socialise in small groups on Teams using break out rooms, catching up with one another after the half term break. Thank you Emily Spencer.

January 2021 25 new headsets with microphones

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