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Cedar Class - Yr 5/6


Kalimera marvellous Cedar Class!


Sorry I am late this morning!! I have had a Zoom meeting with all of the staff and been into school to pick up extra resources to take to the Minster with Mrs Smith and Mrs Shine.  I also saw the lovely Charlie Ball who came in to pick something up which was a real treat, I do miss you all!

Mr Mensah has also forwarded me some of your e-mails with pictures of all the things you have been doing so thank you for those, it is so lovely to see your smiling faces! I am really impressed with how well you are settling down and getting on with your tasks. As always Cedar class, you make me very proud!


I am very much hoping we will have something called Microsoft Teams set up after Easter so you can chat to me and each other and I can set work and look at some of your work on there too.   I am hoping to be set up on it over Easter so I can learn about it and then we can get you all set up on it too. If you have clever IT parents who already use it I may be very grateful of their support to help us in time as well if they would be willing?


I have re- sent an e-mail to parents about how to log in to Prodigygame.com which is a maths website with activities and maths games I hope they have now got them!


I would love to see photos of some of the things you have been doing, please send them, for now, to head@bleasby.notts.sch.uk and Mr Mensah can forward them to me and put some in next week's newsletter.


Have a very Happy Easter and don't eat too many Easter eggs and I will be back in touch after the holidays.

Take care of yourselves!


Mrs Price






Our Evacuee Day 22nd November

Our Evacuee Day 22nd November 1
Our Evacuee Day 22nd November 2
Our Evacuee Day 22nd November 3

Dance Mat typing.




If you have a laptop or computer at home why not have a go at Dance mat typing to improve your keyboard skills?

Copy the link above and paste it into your browser (ask an adult to help)

Let me know how you get on!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8