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This term we have been learning about Japan. In Literacy, we have written Japanese versions of the Cinderella story and created wonderful posters about Japanese wild animals.

In Art, we have looked at the work of Japan's most famous artist, Hokusai and created images of Mount Fuji using different painting techniques. After finding out about Hanami, the viewing of the cherry blossoms (a Spring festival), we used blown brown paint and tissue paper to create beautiful Sakura (cherry blossom) pictures. Another festival we learned about was the Children's Festival which is celebrated in May. Japanese families make and buy koi carp kites. These are really colourful and represent the journey of children upstream, to reach adulthood. We all feel really proud of our Samurai warrior, lady in kimono and Japanese drummer peg dolls. These were tricky and fiddly to make but aren't they super? Everyone loved their origami homework activity and we have a fantastic display of origami animals.

In Geography, we have learned about the physical features of the country and  how people live (houses, schools and food).

Our PowerPoint presentations will tell you about what we have learned this term and may well make you want to visit Japan yourself!