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Planning 20th April

This week we are learning all about money. We need to be able to recognise coins and solve simple problems. Set up a pretend shop and encourage the chn to buy items as well as being the shopkeeper. Can they write price tags and remember to use the p notation of the £. The chn only need to be able to use whole numbers when talking about £s e.g. an item can cost £1, 2, 5 etc. but not £1.50.

Simple problems to solve

  • an item costs 6p but there is no 6p coin, how can we pay for it? Talk about using 6 x 1p coins, 3 x 2p coins, 5p coin and 1p coin. If the chn understand you can introduce the concept of paying with a 10p coin and discuss getting change.
  • sharing money - look at the value of each coin and not the number of coins shared to make sure its fair.

Finding 1 more or 1 less and simple addition and subtraction.

Here are some worksheets you might useful.

Carol Vorderman has made her website free to access during the school closures. It might take a few days due to the high demand but there are lots of resources and games on there!www.themathsfactor.com