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Help your child in the whole school times table challenge!

Bleasby- Times Tables Challenge 2016

Who will defeat the ‘Order’

(Whole School)

Aim of the scheme:

  1. To motivate and engage pupils in their learning of their times tables up to 12 x 12

  2. To ensure EVERY child is learning their tables

  3. Engage parents in their child’s learning


  1. Raising the profile of maths across the school

  2. Ensuring coverage across the new curriculum

  3. Building pupil’s confidence in maths

  4. Challenging rapid graspers

  5. Knowledge of times tables has a direct impact on other areas of maths e.g. fractions, decimals and percentages

(January 2016 Nicky Morgan: 2017 Times tables testing for primary pupils is coming!)




How the scheme works

  1. Every class starts with a pack of all the tests and starts on test 1 altogether on Wk1…a date will be set across the school

  2. Children must complete the test in under 5 mins and get EVERY question right to be able to move on to the next level

  3. Marking can either be done by the teacher or in table groups depending on which tests the children are on.

Whole School Profile

Once a week Mr Heaps will set a question in an assembly and pupils will be asked to try and answer this question as quickly as possible. HOWEVER this question will be done in rainbow groups so that similar aged pupils are asked the same question e.g. Y1 children will be asked about tests 1,2,3 etc questions when chosen and Y5 pupils will be tested on tests 9,10,11 etc as the weeks go on. Whichever child gets the question right they earn a star for their rainbow group and pupils have an opportunity to win a ‘Bleasby Jedi’ trophy which will be awarded weekly across the year groups.

Class teachers can also reward individuals or groups of pupils in class for hard work and effort and also across their RAINBOW MATHS books which will continue as well as this new initiative.

Other challenges will be set across the term and these will be discussed through assemblies with Mr Heaps.

Good Luck to all the Bleasby Jedi Knights!!

Mr Heaps