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Schoolmoney cashless online payment system

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to inform you that we have recently signed up to the online payment system SchoolMoney. This means that you will now have the facility to make payments for school expenses, such as trips, online with your debit or credit card.

This new payment system will benefit both us as a school and you as a parent. Not only will you be able to pay for items from the comfort of your own home but you will also be able to access your account at any time to see if there is anything you need to pay for. SchoolMoney will enable us to experience a more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient payment system in a secure and safe environment.

You won’t need to sign up to this system as this is done automatically through the school and as long as you have provided us with up to date contact details we will send you a password when you first need to make a payment.  This is usually for school dinners, music lessons or an upcoming school trip. This password will give you access to your SchoolMoney account where you can pay for any items we have requested from you.


To log into SchoolMoney, visit the website www.eduspot.co.uk and click on the sign in button in the top right hand corner. In the drop down, select the SchoolMoney Parent Login option and this will send you through to a page where you need to enter your mobile number, email address, the password we have sent to you, and your child’s first name.


If for any reason you are struggling to log in, it may be because you have not provided us with the correct contact details. Please let us know immediately if either your mobile number or email address changes.

Please be aware, the school has to pay a small service charge for every payment made to the system.  To help keep the cost of transactions down there is now a minimum payment amount of £20.00 on the system.  As has been the case in previous years, where possible, please pay for dinners half-termly or even termly.  The onus is now on parents to work out the cost for their child for the half term.  Each school dinner costs £2.30.  If you would like to add a lump sum or create credit within your child’s account please feel free to do so, either online or via the school office.  Monies will be taken from your ‘pot’ of credit as and when needed, e.g. for a trip, and you can monitor this online. 


To add a lump sum of credit, click on the three green lines at the top left of the School Money page and select Dinners, this takes you to the ‘Dinner Top Up’ option, (this will also cover trips and music).  Click in the green box and write in the amount you wish to pay, click the +, then the ‘Make payment’ green box in the bottom right hand corner.


I hope that all makes sense and is helpful.


Best wishes,

Mrs Shine