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Phonics Planning 20th April

Bramleys and Galas: ure in words such as pure, cure, lure, sure

                                ng in words such as bring, sting, finger

ask the chn to spell a given word and try to put it in a sentence. 


Pippins and Russetts: er in words such as fern, term, perm

                                  ee in words such as feet, meet, seed

ask the chn to spell the words and try to put it in a sentence.


These sounds can be used in the games on the phonics play website.



There are lots of online reading activities as an alternative to your reading book. There are lots of super games on www.phonicsplay.co.uk and today I discovered www.worldofdavidwalliams.com where you can listen to a story at 11am every day for his elevenses idea.