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School Dinners

PLEASE NOTE - As of 20th April 2021 there will be a price increase.

Each school dinner will cost £2.35


We ask that children have a fixed pattern at mealtimes, whether they have dinners everyday or on just one or two days a week.  This helps our cook have an idea of numbers when it comes to ordering meat and other perishable foods which is done two weeks in advance.


Two weeks notice must be given in writing if you wish to stop having school dinners.


Payment can be made termly, half-termly or weekly but should always be made in advance of the dinners being received. Notts County Council have issued the following statement: "A pupil will only be able to build a deficit of five meals until their parent is informed to provide them with sandwiches."  Please help us adhere to these guidelines by paying promptly for your child's dinners.