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Spring at Brackenhurst

At the beginning of March, Willow Class visited Brackenhurst for a 'Sheep to Woolly Jumper' day.

The day began with a visit to the pregnant ewes. Mrs Lamb told us all about the markings made on them which show how many lambs they are carrying. She explained the signs that the farmers look for to show that a ewe might be about to give birth. These include lying down, moon-gazing or moving to a corner of the pen or field. We were lucky enough to see and stroke some lambs that were just a few days old. Some students from Brackenhurst were learning how to help the birthing process and we had a go in their special wooden training box.

The Lincoln Reds are an impressive herd and we met the massive bulls, heifers and new born calves in the round barn...what a treat to see the smallest calf standing for the first time!

We finished the morning off by thinking about wool and milk as products from sheep and we made cheese using milk and lemon juice and straining the curds through a muslin cloth.

In the afternoon we went on a Spring walk through the grounds of the old hall. We collected a palette of Spring colours and then returned to the classroom to match our colours to wool in order to make a woolly bookmark.

Thank you to Mrs Lamb and all our helpers for a great day of outdoor learning.


Spring at Brackenhurst