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What, why and how


As a charity we have various different ways of raising money from school discos, Christmas and Summer fairs, our break the rules day, Easy Fundraising website and app and most recently our Dog show, plus much, much more.



National government education cuts have meant the school’s budget has to stretch further than ever. The less pupils on roll means the less money the school receives. We aim to help Mr Mensah’s vision of providing our children with a varied and enriching education and rely on your help, your families, friends, the community and whoever else can support us.


Our fundraising happens in various places; parties in village halls and dances in various venues. Most recently we had a wonderful Dog Show that raised a fantastic £850 for the school. We also fundraise through your contributions to the clothes bank outside and finally online via the Easy Fundraising website or app.  



There are various ways to get in touch



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