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Silver Birch Class - Year 3

Welcome to Year 3, Silver Birch Class!

In Year 3 we really enjoy our work. Find out what we have been learning by clicking on the links below.
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School Year 2020-2021
Autumn Term 2020

Anti Bullying Week November 16th 2020

This year's theme is UNITED AGAINST BULLYING.

Every child in Silver Birch Class made a jigsaw piece to show an important anti-bullying message and unity. We learned that bullying is when someone is unkind to you several times on purpose and it must be stopped.

We need to Start Telling Other People.

Our jigsaw contains special messages like 'Celebrate Differences', 'Be Kind', 'Stand Together' and 'Friends Unite Against Bullying'.



We all agreed that using modelling clay was a great way to learn about the layers of our amazing planet! Now we are finding out how these layers can sometimes cause extreme events which can be incredibly dramatic!

Discovering the Festival of Diwali

In R.E. we have been learning all about the festival of Diwali from a Hindu perspective. We used books, the internet and video clips to find out the traditions associated with the celebrations and the story behind it. After making useful notes we wrote using sub-headings to keep our paragraphs separate. We made Diwali elephant decorations as the elephant god Ganesh is an important part of the celebrations. Find out more by reading some of our work below.


Thankfully we didn't have to do it for 24 hours like Joe. We were exhausted after 24 minutes! Well done Joe. Silver Birch Class think you are AMAZING!


Re-creating Stone Age Cave Art

We found out how Stone Age artists made cave paintings thousands of years ago. Then, using this knowledge we made our own paintbrushes using willow twigs which we whittled to make bristles. Then we mixed up soil and red paint to make an ochre colour and chalk with sticky glue to make white. Charcoal strokes added outlines and dark shaded areas.

Stone Age painting

Stunning Multi-Media Silver Birch Canvases

Silver Birch Class (Y3) has had a super start to the new school year. The children’s maturity, levels of independence and hard work are great to witness! Everyone is looking forward to learning all about The Stone Age and Rocks and Soils and the children are already enjoying French! Our first Art project was to create a multi-media silver birch canvas. Starting with torn newspaper shapes and PVA glue, work on the trees continued with wax crayon resist, paint application using the tache (touch) technique and the use of masking tape before painting the blue of the sky. Final touches were added in black marker pen. Stunning work from everyone to make a great first display!

In English, we have been studying Stone Age Boy. This is an amazing text which really brings our History learning to life! Putting ourselves in the boy's shoes, we have created an early Stone Age Camp and 'painted pictures with words' to describe the various features of the camp including the fire and cooking equipment, berry and shellfish baskets, the animal skin tents, the tools and the boats.

Our Stone Age display