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Willow Class - Yr 2

Welcome to Year 2, Willow Class!

In Year 2 we really enjoy our topic work. Find out what we have been learning by clicking on the links below.
Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 
School Year 2019-2020
Summer Term 2020

Photos and news from this week 29.06.20

Willow Class Working at Home Summer Term 2020


Suggested time on activities each day. Please do more if you are able. Routine is key!




30-45 minutes








30-45 minutes




10 minutes with an adult or on your own

Topic or Science



30-45 minutes

Creative Activities




  • Writing: See weekly planning.
  • Spellings: See weekly planning. If these are too tricky for some of you, look at your individual lists sent home last term or work on revising key sounds on online games.
  • Reading- Choose your own books or go online to Oxford Owls. Keep your record going in your booklet.


Maths Please see weekly planning and ideas below.


Useful websites and APPs

  • Prodigy Maths (individual logins sent out late last term)
  • BBC Bitesize https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize look in topic sections as well as the English and Maths. There is also a good touch typing section.
  • Phonics Play free games click on ‘children’ and you can play ‘Picnic on Pluto’ or ‘Pick a Picture’. Great revision!
  • Oxford Owl online reading website with levelled (book-banded) reading books.
  • Top Marks English – All the games in the Words and Spellings section for 5-7 year olds, including Forest Phonics.
  • Top Marks Maths – There are a lot of fun games to support our learning in the Maths games section for 5-7 year olds, including Shark Numbers, Number Fact Families, Blast Off, Chopper Squad and Funky Mummy. Great for revision!
  • DK 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables APP focusing on 10, 2, 5 and 3X tables.

Science / R.E. / Topic based activities

  • See weekly planning
  • Find out about the minibeasts, birds and other animals that visit your garden. Draw and write.
  • Plant some vegetable and flower seeds.
  • Learn a new skill or learn to play a new game.
  • DON'T FORGET Joe Wicks is doing daily PE sessions online. Visit the Cosmic Yoga website.




Sending you all much love, Mrs Smith


Spring Term 2020

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London…in Bleasby?! After learning all about The Great Fire of London in History, Willow Class have completed their project by creating 3 streets of model houses and setting fire to them! As they witnessed this real fire for themselves, they recalled key facts which led to the biggest fire London had ever seen: high winds, dry weather, narrow streets, wooden houses, thatched roofs and houses and buildings packed very close together.

This was followed up with a lesson on ‘fire safety’ in which the children designed their own posters full of important messages to share with their families and friends.

London's Burning!

London's Burning! 1
London's Burning! 2
London's Burning! 3
London's Burning! 4
London's Burning! 5
London's Burning! 6
London's Burning! 7
London's Burning! 8
London's Burning! 9
London's Burning! 10
London's Burning! 11
London's Burning! 12
London's Burning! 13
London's Burning! 14
London's Burning! 15
London's Burning! 16
London's Burning! 17
London's Burning! 18
London's Burning! 19
Autumn Term 2019

Snow Globe Stables

Following their visit to Southwell Minster, Willow Class has been thinking about the Nativity and writing creatively to explore what they might have witnessed with all their senses that very first Christmas. They have created beautiful ‘snow globe stables’ using paper plates, felt, card and glitter.

Here are some of their wonderful ideas.

In my snow globe stable…

I can see a gold, shiny and very old star, I can touch the grey, dusty wall. EZRA

I can hear the loud bell of the donkey, I can taste excitement in the air. SAMUEL

I can smell the myrrh from the third king, I can feel the soft, brown fur of a donkey. LUCY Sp

I can feel the silky texture of Jesus’ clothing, I can taste the holy dust. ABIGAIL

I can smell the beautiful breath of a new born baby king who is hope, I can see a baby who will give love. LUCY St

I can hear a cricket in the long grass, I can see the prickly hay around the special baby. HOLLY

I can taste the hay wafting around, I can hear the angels singing beautifully. EVELYN

I can see a newborn baby’s sparkling eyes, I can taste the fresh bread made by the innkeeper. WILLIAM

I can touch the donkey’s fluffy ears, I can taste the light of the stars! I can feel the love of the baby Jesus. TAHER

I can smell the fresh harvested hay, I can feel God’s wonderful message. HETTY

Snow globe stables

Festive Science Day

Willow Class became engineers for the day! They were tasked with creating a Jingle Bell Maze toy.

The class followed the design process. After looking at maze designs, they sketched out their own ideas and collected junk. The ‘walls’ of the maze were then created in a box, a box lid or on a paper plate. After checking that the jingle bell would roll through the maze, the children made adjustments such as increasing the height of the maze walls. Then the fun really began as the children had to decorate their maze to include a Start and Finish and a reason for rolling e.g. the elf has lost a bell off his shoe, can you roll it through the maze to return it to him. 

What attractive finishing touches and decorations everyone used!

Finally everyone wrote a detailed explanation to inform others about how to go about creating a similar toy.

Marvellous Mazes!

Marvellous Mazes! 1
Marvellous Mazes! 2
Marvellous Mazes! 3
Marvellous Mazes! 4
Marvellous Mazes! 5
Marvellous Mazes! 6
Marvellous Mazes! 7
Marvellous Mazes! 8
Marvellous Mazes! 9
Marvellous Mazes! 10
Marvellous Mazes! 11
Marvellous Mazes! 12
Marvellous Mazes! 13
Marvellous Mazes! 14
Marvellous Mazes! 15
Marvellous Mazes! 16
Marvellous Mazes! 17
Marvellous Mazes! 18
God's Special Gift

‘God’s Special Gift’ was the theme of Willow and Maple’s class trip to Southwell Minster at the end of November. The children worked on five different activities to learn about the true meaning of Christmas with wonderful volunteers from the Minster Education Team. The children met a shepherd and heard his tale of the events that very first Christmas. They re-enacted the Wise Men’s journey and met Herod and an angel. They developed their understanding that Jesus is the light of the world and lit virtual candles and made clay candle holders. Awe and wonder were inspired by the Angel Window as the children heard about angels’ roles in the Nativity and made their own angel. Every child made a beautiful beaded decoration where the different coloured and shaped beads represented the key parts of this wonderful story

Thank you to the Minster Team and all our parent volunteers for a really special and memorable day and a wonderful start to our countdown to Christmas.


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Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
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Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
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