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Planning 20th April

This week's topic is 'Pets' and I use the books 'My Perfect Pet' by Lauren Child and also 'Dear Zoo'

  • We would discuss which pets we have or which we would like to have! Practice saying the sentence first before you write it, help them to sound out each word if needed, and also prompt them about their sentence (chn often forget after writing 1 word!), but if they can encourage them to write as independently as possible. Remember capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Example sentence - I want a dog because they are fun. 

  • Discuss what we need to look after a pet and write a list. Remind the chn when writing a list we start a new line for each item.

Example list


Water (accept w or t er because we know the or sound

Bowl (accept b oa l because we know the oa sound)

Lead (accept l ee d)



  • Draw a picture or cut out a picture from a magazine or a website and write a caption e.g. BASIC: It is a lion. MORE ADVANCED: Its a big lion with sharp teeth.




Please try to write an acrostic poem for Spring, or maybe try one using a different word e.g EASTER, CHICK, LAMB